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GROWING up is not easy for me. People can see that I live a normal life, but no one knows what is always going on deep in my heart.

As a hearing-impaired person, my world is silent. I keep counting the days to being an adult and try to imagine how my life would be like in the future.

I cannot remember much of what happened when I was small. But I still remember the stories my mum told me about those days.

Mum said that one day, when I was three, I sat in f ... Leer más »
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A friend in need is a friend indeed however a friend that you do not need is a friend that is always in some kind of needs that can only resulted with your loss and your friend’s gain. For examples, they asked for your money with ever-so-loveable excuses such as forgot my wallet, ask for a ride home to avoid using up their car gas, claiming the glory for the work you have done for them, leave you with the bills whenever all of you were eating out and even cheat on you by selling you ‘good conditioned’ and ‘brand new’ junk just to make more money than it really worth. A quick and effective solution is to find a good psychiatrist or ... Leer más »
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