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Filter, Organize, and Find Files Faster!

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One of the most difficult tasks in creating a video or film is keeping track of and organizing all of your media files, such as videos, sound effects, sound track, titles, credits, and scenes. OpenShot has not been very good at this task... until today.

Introducing the OpenShot Filter Bar, which helps you find what you need faster than ever before! Want to only view your audio files? No problem. What to only view your videos that have a label of "Scene 1"? No problem. What to find a specific transition or effect? No problem. Either click one of the easy toggle buttons, or enter the first few letters of what you are searching for.

[Show All Project Files]

[Show Only 'Video' Project Files]

[Show Only 'Audio' Project Files]

[Show Only 'Image' Project Files]

[Show All Project Files that contain 'Scene 1' in their name or label]

[Show All Transitions that contain 'Wipe' in their name]

[Show Only 'Common' Transitions]

[Show Only 'Audio' Effects]

I have done quite a bit of testing on these new filters, and I am really pleased with how they work. They are fast, and easy to use, and make creating complex videos even easier than before. When you combine the filters with the 'labels' feature, you can create a pretty incredible search system, that works just the way you want it to.
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