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Inicio » 2011 » Julio » 16 » How to:Convert movies into images or animated gif using Ubuntu
9:31 PM
How to:Convert movies into images or animated gif using Ubuntu

In this how to you will learn how you can extract all the frames of a movie (avi, mp4 and basically any format). It will take sometime to extract, but if you really want to do this, it’s easy as pie.

How To Convert Movies Into Images or Animated GIF Using Ubuntu

  1. Open a Terminal

  2. Install mplayer using the command sudo apt-get install mplayer

  3. While it’s downloading and installing copy and paste the movie you want to extract in a new folder (because the images will be extracted to where the movie is located)

  4. In the terminal change the working directory to the folder where the movie is located by using cd /path/to/movie

  5. Now write this command mplayer -vo jpeg NameOfMovie.avi -nosound

  6. This will output the frames as jpeg files, but there are more for example to extract to an animated GIF write this command mplayer -vo gif89a NameOfMovie.avi -nosound

  7. Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive

  8. If you want to know all the available formats write the command mplayer -vo help

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